About Us

I'm Lauren, a wife, a mother and the face behind the one woman show that is Designed By L.
I've always had a passion for crafts and this little side hussle started once I had my first born. I was on Maternity leave for 18 Months, during which I started creating décor pieces for his room. Researching ideas and creating my own things soon became a hobby I did every day.
What started with a hole punch creating nursery mobiles in my spare room has now, 5 years later turned into a whole garage full of machinery where I can work each day while being home with my 3 kids.
Now hoping to create more than nursery decor we have had a name change from Nursery NicNacs to Designed by L. 
I hope my creativity shines through my work and each and every one of you love your pieces as much as I loved creating them for you.